Pearly Papules Treatment

If you have been struggling with your self-esteem after learning that you have pearly penile papules, then you can now feel a sigh of relief. We at the PPP Clinic offer a permanent solution to a problem that we imagine has been plaguing your thoughts for most of your adult life. We perform pearly penile papules removal through a surgical procedure that is entirely painless. Without medical intervention, the papules will remain on your body.

To book a consultation with Senior Doctor , give us a call today on 01202 579365. Our safe and effective treatment will not only permanently remove the papules but will also give you a new lease of life!

What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly penile papules are small growths that appear on the corona of the penis, but they can also be found at the back of the penis, known as the frenulum. You may be wondering where the name comes from; well, the term ‘pearly’ is used because the tips of the growths look like pearls. The papules generally appear on young boys during the stages of puberty and they remain there until surgical intervention.

It is important to note that pearly penile papules do not cause any harm; they are not signs of a more serious condition nor can they lead to one. There is a very common misconception that papules are symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection or another condition, but that is not the case.

The papules are purely aesthetic, but that brings it’s own problems, solely from a psychological point of view. You will not feel any discomfort as a result of pearly penile papules, but many men feel self-conscious because of them. For many clients that we have helped, they experienced bouts of anxiety over sexual exploration. They feared that sexual partners would be put off, or some would mistakenly assume they had an STI.

If you recognise these feelings, then it is important to seek our professional assistance at the PPP Clinic. By undergoing our pearly penile papules removal treatment, you will regain your confidence and allow yourself to move forward. We can assure you that there are no health concerns that are associated with this condition, but if you want extra reassurance, seek advice from your GP.

How Are Pearly Penile Papules Removed?

When coming to the PPP Clinic, you will be given all the important information and details surrounding the procedure. As mentioned, pearly penile papules will never disappear from your body unless you undergo a surgical treatment. Rest assured that our procedure will be tpainfree as we use a topical gel or cream to anaesthetise the penis before beginning the process.

Here at PPP Clinic, Senior Doctor uses one of two methods to perform the surgical destruction of the papules. Either a CO2 laser will be used to perform the treatment or an electrosurgical instrument. The method will be decided prior to the procedure, and it will be discussed with you in detail. Keep in mind that it takes around 15-30 minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect.

Unfortunately, there have been some cases where men have tried to take the treatment into their own hands, but home remedies will not work. There have been instances in which men have used tea tree oil, castor oil, and even toothpaste in an attempt to rid their bodies of their penile papules. None of these remedies will do the trick, so please do not try them at home. To find the right solution, book a consultation at the PPP Clinic.


PPP Treatment

How Common is PPP?

One of the reasons why men feel a sense of embarrassment and lack of self-esteem due to pearly penile papules is because they believe that they are the only one suffering. This condition is much more common than you may think. In fact, 1 in 5 men will develop papules at a young age, which is around 20% of the male population.

It is important to note that only half of the men who get pearly penile papules will warrant surgical intervention. This is because 50% of those who have the condition can barely notice it due to the small size of the growths. We believe that having this knowledge will make you feel much more comfortable about your situation.

Due to the embarrassment of having pearly penile papules, many men refrain from talking about it. However, by keeping quiet they are less likely to learn that other men, even their friends, are dealing with the same condition. While we fully respect your desire to remain private regarding your condition, we want to give you peace of mind that you’re not alone in dealing with it.

Why Choose Us for Your PPP Treatment?

One of the main concerns that clients have when coming to the PPP Clinic is confidentiality. Many men feel that this is a sensitive subject and would not like it widely known that they are undergoing treatment for pearly penile papules. Rest assured that when you select our clinic, we vow to work within strict confidentiality. We operate very discreetly and our team have created an open space in which you can discuss your thoughts and concerns freely to us.

As part of the process, we make sure that all of our clients feel comfortable and at ease in our presence. In fact, every member of our team goes the extra mile to ensure this. The most important member of our team is Senior Doctor , who has performed pearly penile papules removal on hundreds of men during his career. You really could not be in safer hands at the PPP Clinic.

Such is our success, we are in the process of opening a second clinic. This should give you great peace of mind if you are considering our pearly penile papules treatment. With the opening of a second clinic, you can be confident knowing that we have gained the trust of many clients.

The Best Pearly Papules Treatment Available

As mentioned, home remedies will never work when trying to permanently remove pearly penile papules. The only solution is here at the PPP Clinic, and we specialise in providing life changing results. Through our pain-free surgical procedures, you can go on living your life knowing that the penile papules have been removed for good. As well as our groundbreaking treatment, we also make the process as easy as possible.

Firstly, give our clinic a call or send an email to You can also fill in our online form if you prefer. Confirmation of your consultation date will be sent to you, and on the day of your appointment, you will get to discuss your thoughts and concerns with Dr Berkowitz. This gives you an opportunity to get the advice from an expert in this field, and feel free to ask any pressing questions that you may have.

You will be provided with all the necessary information you require heading into this procedure. Once all of your questions have been answered, we will arrange a treatment date. Keep in mind that it is possible for us to perform the procedure on the same day as your consultation. If you decide to select this option, the consultation fee of £250 will be deducted from the final cost of the £895 treatment.

If the same day is not convenient for you, then a member of our staff will arrange for a more appropriate date and time. When it comes to the procedure itself, the process should take around 60 minutes. After the procedure is completed, we will provide you with aftercare advice. Generally, it will take around three weeks to fully recover, but it is different for different clients. However, it is important to note that the recovery time is unlikely to exceed the three-week mark. Rest assured that you are unlikely to experience any pain during this time.

Our clients tend to continue with their normal activities post-treatment, but we will provide you with written instructions to follow. The purpose of aftercare is to make sure that you heal correctly, and you will be provided with the doctor’s telephone numbers. If you have any questions or issues during recovery, then call one of the numbers and your query will be answered.

Get in Touch for More Information About Pearly Papules Treatment

If you are looking for a permanent way to remove pearly penile papules, then the PPP Clinic should be your first and only choice. Our proven surgical technique is the only way to rid your body of the papules for good. While the condition does not cause any harm to your physical health, it can put a strain on your mental well-being, as many men feel embarrassment.

Experienced and qualified Senior Doctor has performed this treatment hundreds of times over the course of his career, so you are in safe hands. Call 01202 579365 today to book a consultation.